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We first starting hearing about KBH Jewels on social media, from celebrity fans like Molly Sims, Kate Mara and Jessica Alba, who, have shared their love for this sustainable jewelry brand, which not only uses eco-friendly and socially conscious diamonds, but also reclaimed metals.

What caught our eye first was the delicate beauty and unique designs—and then whoisn’t interested in doing better for the environment, all things being equal? When we found out that founder Kimberly Berry Haisch was a mom of three (4, 6, and 8), we knew we had to reach out to find out more about this buzzed about new brand.

Have you spent your whole career in jewelry?
Out of college I ended up in finance, actually, because that’s what my family did. My heart always wanted to go into fashion, though. I worked at Deutsche Bank in equity derivatives and was like I can’t do this any more—I’m miserable. I started at the bottom at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics as a temp and ended up working in international marketing.


Sounds like a lot more fun than finance! Was there an “aha” moment when you decided to start KBH Jewels?
When I was in kindergarten I asked my mom if I could be a cheerleader and she said no…. because you’re not going to be on the sidelines…they’re going to be cheering for you. That always stayed with me. She wasn’t allowed to play, to go to college. Now my kids are that age and I’m thinking, what am I teaching them?

My mother was in jewelry and I grew up on 46 and 47thStreets in New York City’s Diamond District going to shows, resetting pieces and designing pieces. Years later, I resetting my engagement ring on 46thstreet and I started to hear about lab diamonds again. I did the research and realized, these are real diamonds and then told my mom and she was like, yes these are real. So it was an aha moment of, How do people not know about these?


And you also chose to use recycled metals, in addition to lab made diamonds—why?
People don’t realize the detriment to the environment involved in gold mining. I wanted to put the recycled aspect of gold and the lab diamonds together, and make into pieces I wanted to wear every day. In every other luxury sector there was a clean or organic, sustainable option.


How do you make it through the tough moments as a working mom?
 It’s hard–you realize that time is your most precious commodity. You have to prioritize. The 6 and 8-year-old are at an age where I can chat it out with them. Going back to work more than full time while starting the business was an adjustment. I sit down and say Mommy has to go to this meeting but tomorrow we will do this… I can see they are proud when the jewelry is in a magazine article, etc.


What advice would you give to another working mama in the thick of it?
It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being your best. That’s all you can do.

Go to KBHJewels.com to shop the line, and use exclusive code KBHMOMS15 for 15 percent off through Mother’s Day!

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